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Nail-Aid is introducing an aerosol nail polish remover.

Creators Tam Tran and youtonics ( Neal Wallach wanted to prevent the spillage that happens with regular nail polish removers. 

The affordable product is infused with ingredients like keratin to hydrate your nails.
An up-and-coming company hopes to shake up the nail polish remover category in the same way spray aerosol technology changed the game in sun care.

Under its Nail-Aid brand, Anise Cosmetics introduced Spray Away, a leak and spill proof aerosol nail polish remover. Available in acetone and non-acetone options, the product is sprayed onto a cotton ball to remove polish, eliminating the mess posed by traditional removers. There are three options: a non-acetone spray with ceramide and coconut oil, an acetone with hyaluronic and collagen and an acetone with keratin and cocoa butter.

Spray Away launched last month in 4,500 Wal-Mart doors retailing for $5. Wal-Mart already dedicates about four linear feet to Nail-Aid's other nail and pedicure care items. Distribution for Spray Away will follow in other mass, drug and specialty stores, including Ulta Beauty.

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